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Durian Wonderland Sdn. Bhd. is principally engaged in managing, grafting, replanting, harvesting and marketing of durians with more than 6 durian orchards in hand. The orchards with a total of 138 acres of lands are situated at the most popular region in the world, Pahang Malaysia, the home of Musang King, includes:

13 acres
Sungai Ruan, Raub
18 acres
Jerkoh, Lipis
6 acres
Benta, Lipis
20 acres
Kuala Atok, Raub
81 acres
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The latitude of our farm is at lowland 100 meters to 600 meter highland. 2 of our durian orchards have been awarded grant by Ministry of Agriculture that to be developed as model farm, where we will continually to improve the facilities and agriculture infrastructures to better.

These orchards are planted with 1,000 matured durian trees aged 15 - 100 years and 500 young durian trees. Adrian and the team has visited durian plantations in South East Asia, to learn and exchange knowledges on durian planting skills and the use of technologies.

The average harvest of 50 to 80 tons durians are expected each year for current matured trees, with 38% of Musang King, 50% of identifiable mixed species includes Musang Queen, Golden Phoenix, Black Thorn, Red Prawn, Little Red, Tok Merah, Red Mountain durian, Muar Tek Kar, Luk Luk, Thai MonthongD2 Dato Nina, D7, D18, D24, D78, D88, D96, D101, D144, and 12% of Old Kampung

A single orchard that house world's famous durians species with quality of champion.
More than 5,000 Black Thorn and Musang King seedlings are in our plan to be planted and nurtured within year 2018 and 2019. However, the fruiting could only be expected after year 7.
Win international accolades with international varieties of great durians and orchard worthy of educational visits.
The Owner
The owner, Mr. Adrian Yeo, whom is a durian enthusiast, are very passionate and has a great vision on durian business. 

He owns 6 small matured durian orchards, out of which 1 is abandoned, 2 are neglected and 3 plots are well taken care of.

​He started off as an investor, after 7 years of involvement, he ended up as a small orchard philosopher. Now, he tries to make business out of his scattered durian orchards in Pahang.

Adrian Yeo

Auditor cum Durian Orchard Philosopher

AdrianYeo PLT Chartered Accountants & Durian Wonderland Sdn Bhd

No need to bring anything other than yourselves.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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Jerkoh, Lipis

6 acres