Buffets & Parties

For durian lovers out there,  you should probably know by now that you can actually fulfil your cravings for durian at a durian buffet - you pay a certain amount of money and you can eat as many durians as you can.

We have shortlisted 2 orchards to cater for our durian buffets, where our customers are able to indulge the "King of the fruits" under the durian trees. We have a spot that is kid-friendly, where you can bring your children together. We also have another spot that is more adventurous and require a ride on a 4-wheel drive. Interested? Don't wait. Chat with us now to find out more.

For those who prefer to sit back and relax to indulge durians, we have packages that suit your needs too. We provide free delivery to your venue with maximum 2 hours durian opening services. Therefore, you may host a home durian party or company durian party anytime you want. Chat with us now for details.

Note: Durian Wonderland reserved the rights to change the promotions and prices without prior notice.